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  • ePackaging Resource

    Any chance garbage bag dresses will make it on the runway this year?

  • Ester

    how could i get a hold of tickets? I’m in new york from london and a photographer, I would love to get pass and take some pics for NYFW for my blog. Hope I hear back from someone. Thank you, my email is:

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    Send All NYFW leads to, for shows, press invites, collaborations, reviews, interviews, projects and more. #NYFW #NewYorkFashionWeek

  • Belinda

    I am a teacher at The High School of Fashion Industries and our students study Fashion Design. We would be honored if you could provide our students access to see a show during Fashion Week. Please feel free to email me at if this is at all possible. Many of our students are also interested in volunteering to learn more about the behind the scene experience.

  • Dreamline Prod

    Which all different locations in NYC hosts the NY Fashion Week fashion shows? .. i know there is Couture Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz … i like to know other places

  • Jane

    Hi, what shows are open to the public?

  • D. Gisel

    I’m a photographer and a fairly new fashion and lifestyle blogger. where can I get tickets and a press pass to attend some of the smaller designers shows during NY Fashion Week in February. I am interested in covering smaller fashion designers on my blog. email address is

    • Daniel Initiative

      Will e-mail you, I have a client who you should cover. They are hosting a show at the Fashion Week with an official launch in March 2016.

  • Amanda Aponte

    How do we acquire tickets?

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  • maya

    hey there
    do you know when new york fashion week starts in september 2016? I want to book a flight to nyc as soon as possible.
    Thank you for your help and have a nice day


  • Maggie

    Hi, For the February 2016 fashion week how would i get into these shows. witch shows would you recommend and how do i get tickets.

  • Talea

    Do you guys know when the castings start for the 2016 shows in February??!?

  • Pam

    Does anyone know the date for the Naeem Kahn Fall 2016 Runway Show?

  • Brandi M

    How do I find out about volunteer opportunities for the FW 2016 shows?

  • Vanas Design

    Hi where do participating designers register or get information on how to register? Thanks.

  • Alan

    How/where do i purchase tickets? The ‘buy tickets’ link doesn’t take me anywhere…

  • Shana

    How would we go about volunteering to work Fashion Week? Stylist/Assistant etc? Thank you!!!

  • Devin Mazza

    Is there any sort of list of participating designers?

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  • Michael

    Hi – do you have provisional dates for Men’s Fashion week Summer 2016? I believe this year’s was July?

    • Fashion Week Online

      Yes, it’s on the calendar at!

  • Z Smith

    How long will you have these shows posted?

    • Fashion Week Online

      Probably until January or February. :)

  • Skyell Bella


    • Fashion Week Online

      Thank you

  • ghada

    Where is Michael Kors fashion show

  • Morgan Rucker

    when will they have the dates for February 2016 Fashion Shows open to the public?

    • Fashion Week Online

      Probably January. With love, FWO

  • WSW

    Which venue is the DKNY show at?

  • Tania

    Hi! Where could Iget some tickets?If it’s possible…

  • Tania

    All times are hours of new york ?

    • Fashion Week Online

      Yep! :)

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  • Neece Doug

    is cesar galindo having a show? I thought it was on the 11th and I don’t see it. :(

    • Fashion Week Online

      A lot of people have been asking us about that, but it isn’t anywhere as far as we can see! :(

  • Shana Mayo Richardson

    So will fashion week start on the 9th or the 10th the calendar has shows for the 9th but the home page says the 10th?

    • Fashion Week Online

      The events start on the 9th, but the consolidated live streams begin on the 10th. :)

  • Mr. Ashley T. Head

    JD of The JD Collection is having a Independent Fashion Showcase on Saturday September 12th at 6pm. @thejdcollection on instagram

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  • Jorge

    What about Sherri Hill?

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  • Summerme

    great stuff!

  • Ann Ward Leister

    Where do you apply for press credentials?

  • Do Vi

    Are there are tickets to buy for the shows?

  • tanya

    Where is the venue for CFDA shows? same as IMG’s venue in skylight?

    • FWO

      Venues all over town! :)

      • tanya

        Thank you :-)

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